Sharon and Justin were married in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend - and it was such an incredibly fun wedding!  I knew after last weekend's engagement session that this was going to be a great day - and it was.  I was especially excited about shooting at the BOB - specifically the Gilmore Collection upstairs.  It's a fun, multi-function development in downtown Grand Rapids, and it's amazing.

Justin and Sharon, I wish you both the best!  Thanks for including me in your special day!

What I love about this shot is the image of peeking out the back door of the sanctuary - with the dress glowing in the 
sunlight that creeps into the foyer.

I loved the light and the color in this spot for a portrait of Sharon. Sharon is the epitome of elegant.

I call this image "anticipation!"

A little more "anticipation!" These two were absolutely adorable all day!
Mr. and Mrs. Kimura! As I mentioned previously, Justin is a Lt. Cmdr in the US Coast Guard, and was in his dress whites. He and several of his fellow sailors were in uniform, and it was pretty cool in my opinion.

The sword arch as they exited the church.

This is the second wedding in 5 weeks with a trolly. I love trolly's so much more than limos!

You may remember my previous version of this shot from Scott and Casey's wedding. Sometimes it's just a lot of fun to be a little creative, and this footbridge across the river was a great place to have fun!

The reception was at the BOB in downtown Grand Rapids, and it has to be one of the coolest reception venues I've ever been too!

Cake was from Cake Connection. I'll get a link and post it as soon as I find her card!

I think it was "kids" night at the BOB! Congrats Justin and Sharon!