Stephen and Jill were married at the Alumni Chapel at Michigan State University, which is an absolutely gorgeous small chapel.  They are such an incredible couple, and shooting their wedding was a lot of fun.  Jill did all of her own flowers, and she did a fantastic job!

The reception was at Hawk Hollow Golf Course, which is another beautiful location (it's where we had our reception too!!)  Enjoy these shots of their wedding day!  Congrats Stephen and Jill!

I don't know what it is that I like so much about this portrait. I think it's that it was so unexpected. Jill had sat down as she waited to head up to the ceremony, and I just whispered her name across the room, and as she looked up, I snapped the picture.

Kids are so much fun to shoot at weddings! I love how unexpected just about everything they do can be! You can often catch them doing the most awesome things!

See... I told you kids are cute! (Like you didn't know that!)

I love how the little boy is watching so intently what's happening here. Remember, Kids are cute!

If you looking for a great location for your ceremony or reception, call Carla at Hawk Hollow Golf Club! Tell her I sent you, she's great to work with!