We're Ready....

We're ready.  This little guy right here is ready.  The room is finished, the diapers are stocked.  The pictures are hung.  The furniture assembled, and the supplies purchased.  

We're as ready as we can be.  After 5 baby showers (my wife is very popular!), and a lot of gifts - we're in the final stretch.  We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter sometime very soon (she's due the 24th).  Here's some images of the room.


The room is decorated with the theme from the book "Guess How Much I Love You."  

Can you guess what her name is?

We're ready for the trip to the hospital.  I asked Beth to get everything ready in advance because I don't know anything about going to the hospital or having babies, or what we might need.

This is the "when we get home and have to start changing 10 diapers a day" basket.

These are things you have to have to change your baby's diaper, and other important things.  Yes, one of them is actually called "Butt Paste."  Don't know what that is, but it's important!