A Miracle

There is nothing short of a miracle that describes the incredible complexity that is the birth of a human.  Beth and I are both exhausted (clearly she more than I!), but I wanted to take a minute share some images I caught of the birth of our daughter.

Please know that some images are a little graphic.

At this point, although you are supposed to stay behind the blue sheet, a doctor told me I could stand behind it and get a better shot - just as our daughter was born... this is literally the second she exited her mother, and joined our world.

Although our daughter is beautiful, newborns are not. When they come out, they are discolored and slimy and it's actually a bit disconcerting. That's why all these shots were shot in camera in black and white. You get the moment without the disconcertment.

Those little fingers are absolutely amazing to me!

She has a set of pipes! And crying is good! It means she can breathe, and she's communicating her needs

She's healthy and beautiful.

Madison Ruth Aten at 17 hours old.

Jackie Palmer came to shoot the entire thing for us (she was seriously there for almost 24 hours), but because we ended up with a cesarean section, she wasn't able to shoot the actual birth. That's why I just shot and posted these. It means a lot to have such an incredible experience captured forever for us. Yes, I'm the guy who takes his D300 into an Operating Room for a birthday party!

Thank you all for your prayers!