Are you getting married in 2009? If you are, here's a couple of helpful pieces of information for you.

Because we value the relationship that we build with each client, we are only accepting 20 weddings for 2009. This means, we have 20 spots available to fill, and once we sign the contracts, we won't be taking new clients for 2009 weddings. What this really means, is if you're interested in booking us, we'd love to hear from you very soon.

We've started booking 2009 weddings, and I'm really excited about the client's I've talked to so far! I'd very much love to talk to you about your wedding and learn more about what you're dreaming about :)

So, you're interested but wondering what to do? First, if you haven't already, head over to the site and check out the portfolio. You'll also get an idea of where our coverage starts. When you've done that, send me an email, or pick up the phone - I'd love to talk to you! (517.983.3052)

Once we have a chance to talk, we'll set up an appointment if you're local. Don't worry if you aren't, we'd still love to talk with you and we can work out the details. After we have a chance to talk through exactly what you're looking for, we'll put together a contract for you. A signed contract and a retainer will hold your date. At that point, congrats - you are booked!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!