Andrew & Linsey were married at the Alumni Chapel on the Campus of Michigan State University. This is the second wedding I've shot here - and it's an absolutely awesome place to get married! Both of them attended undergrad and graduate school at MSU, so there was a lot of green and white at this wedding.

Andrew and Linsey are an absolutely perfect couple. I know this because I've gotten to see them up close and personal for a while now. It was such an honor to capture this special day for them.

The girls had a wonderful morning at the Douglas J Aveda Institute. Hair, makeup, nails - the works.

Linsey makes taking great images easy!

Downstairs at the chapel is an awesome room with huge windows everywhere. What a great source of natural light.

Linsey did all of her own flowers, with the help of her amazing family and some friends. They used over 40 dozen roses of different colors. All of them were stunning!

As soon as I saw this window, I knew I wanted this portrait. We only had just a few moments where Linsey was alone. With just a touch of light coming in through the trees, this really reflects the personality of Linsey the entire day - composed, collected, and calm.

I love this portrait of Linsey and her girls. I asked them to try to be serious - which was VERY hard for this group of girls. They pulled this off flawlessly.

You can see the difference in what was happening with the guys just before the service - and the girls (below) waiting to come upstairs just before the ceremony began.

I wanted to try this portrait as we walked along the river towards the stadium (where the reception was held). I thought it turned out just as I envisioned it.

We were given very "special" access to the field at Spartan Stadium to take this shot. There's a very cool fisheye shot coming from my associate (Lauren). I can't wait to show it to you! The reception was held upstairs in the Stadium Club inside Spartan Stadium. What an awesome venue for a reception!

This is absolutely one of my all time favorite photos. As soon as I captured it, I knew it would be rockin'. (hint: this is exactly how a bounced flash should work! Up to the right, off the ceiling.)

Congrats Andrew & Linsey!