To those who have committed their lives to defending this nation - we owe you our thanks.  To those who have give their lives in defense of everything this flag represents - we owe you our gratitude.  To those who serve freedom and uphold liberty - we owe you honor.  

Thank you.

The flag has meaning.  It stands for something.  No matter who you are, or what you believe - this flag has meaning.  For over 200 years, the flag of this nation has stood for the ideals of freedom.  

For 200 years, men and women have given their lives to defend not only this flag - but this nation.  They have served - and many have sacrificed - for all of us who call this nation home.  

We are a nation of people who don't always agree.  We are a nation of people with different ideas, different values, different goals - yet, we are one nation.  And as one nation, we stand together at times like this to say thank you.

On this day, we thank those who have served our country, who have honored our flag, and who have given us freedom.


This is my grandpa.  He's just one of several members of our family who have served and fought for our country.  He was shot down in WW2, and rescued by the free-French.  He continued to serve and retired as a Major General.  He's just one of the many reasons I'm thankful.