I'm hoping one of you out there in blog land might know someone who would be a rockin' Associate Photographer. Or maybe you think you'd make a rockin' associate!

Here's what I'm looking for:

- Someone you would trust your life with. Seriously - dependability and integrity are key with me.
- Someone with an incredible attitude that people love to be around. Attitude and personality are huge. They have to be fun to be around.
- Someone who can see the story - a great eye and a sense of art.
- An foundational understanding of photography. Doesn't have to be a technical master - that can be taught
- Someone who would love to learn! This is definitely a position for someone who wants to grow.
- Someone who loves the idea of telling the most important story of a couple's life - and can handle that pressure :)
- Preferably someone who has reasonably solid equipment already, but this isn't a requirement. I shoot Nikon, but if someone has equipment already, that's no problem.
- Someone who is a female (preferably). This makes it easier to split up at weddings, but again - not an absolute.
- Someone who is willing to travel to shoot amazing weddings both across Michigan, and all over.

After I typed that I realized it's pretty much in order of importance to me. So the question is: Do you know anyone? This is a paid position, and it pays pretty well.

Here's what the job involves:
- Photographing our amazing clients as a second photographer alongside me.
- Delivering incredible customer service to every client.
- Capturing beautiful moments and fabulous details at every wedding
- Learning how to see the story and capture it
- A desire to get better and grow in your photography
- The potential to photograph Associate weddings on your own in the near future. (this means I'm looking for people who have the potential to be awesome).
- Some travel involved - willingness to be "on" for a long period of time without breaks.
- this is primarily a shooting role. While some editing and post could be involved for the right person, that's not the purpose of this position.

Interested? Or know someone who might be? Here's what to do. Send me an email at info@jasonatenphotography.com


Please include your name, your email, your phone number, and answers to the following three questions:

What attracted you to this opportunity?

What qualifies you for this opportunity? (what is your experience)

Why do you think you're the right person for this role?

If you have a resume, include that as well.


I can't wait to hear from you!