A few months ago, we switched all of our client management over to ShootQ, and it was one of the greatest business decisions we have made! We're still in the process of loading in all of our clients for this year, but if you are a new client, you've probably already experienced how cool it is.

One of the things I love the most about ShootQ is how it lets our clients manage their own experience. With the password protected client interface, all of our clients have their very own online portal that lets them view all of their information, their contract, wedding details and even payment information. Our clients can update their information at any time, and pay their invoices right online. It's really made a huge difference in the experience we are able to provide to each of our clients!

In addition, for us, it helps us keep everything organized in a way that lets us serve our clients so much better. It's also awesome for us when we are able to find business partners that care as much about our business - and our success - as we do. ShootQ is definitely one of those partners!

If you're interested in getting ahold of us, feel free to Contact Us and we'd love to chat.

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