Yesterday I had a chance to do something I don't get to do very often.  I drove to Youngstown, OH to be a second shooter for Jaci Clark at Paul and Kimberly's wedding.  I know Jaci as a photographer through the lab and photography community we both use - Pictage.  When Jaci mentioned that she was looking for someone to come along and second shoot with her, I was happy to help!

As a photographer, it's so much better to work alongside someone else, which is why I always have a second shooter with me.  I don't often get to BE that second shooter though - and honestly, it's a lot of fun :)  I get to get all the creative shots, and find the moments that are happening in front of me - without worrying about a shot list, or anything else really!

Here are a few images from Paul and Kimberly's absolutely adorable wedding ceremony yesterday.  Thanks to both of them, and to Jaci for letting me come along and shoot!

Paul and Kimberly's rings weren't quite ready for the ceremony, so they had a great solution! The ring bearer got them rings out of a bubble gum machine for them to use until the real ones come in!

Probably my favorite first dance/father-daughter dance images ever :)

Thanks again for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding!