Madison: So Hard To Believe

It's so hard to believe she's almost a year.  It's hard to imagine life without her, and yet she's been a part of ours for such a short time.  I'm so excited that we have so much more life ahead of us!

Here's a few images of what's happening in her (our world) lately!

Beth and I took her parents out to dinner for Father's day, and afterwards Maddie had her very first Ice Cream Cone with her Nana


She continues to get cuter and cuter as she grows.  It's amazing to both of us to watch her become a little girl.  It's happening WAY too fast, but we're cherishing it while we can!

As I mentioned, she's turning one soon (in about 2.5 weeks actually!), so she decided to help her mom put together a few things for the party!