Sushi.  Facebook.  Art.

Some stories aren't mine to tell, but this one is about three things: sushi, facebook, and art.  Well, it's really about a boy named Paul, and an art-teacher-to-be named Erin, and how sushi, facebook and art = two people who fell in love.

Paul is a photographer, among other talents, and when you see him with Erin - there's no doubt that these two are crazy about each other.  Let me say it this way - they're HOT :)  So, as a photographer, I get to photograph two people - totally crazy about each other, both artists, and both up for anything.  Oh, and they don't look bad together either!  Can you tell how much I enjoyed this :)

Paul and Erin ended up coming to my studio today for an engagement session because Paul wouldn't take no for an answer, and he knew Erin loved sushi.  So he did what any 20-something guy does - he sent her a facebook message :)  Erin did what any self-respecting young women does when a guy asks her out over facebook - she made up a reason why she couldn't go!  Eventually, Paul won her heart, and there's no question Erin has his.

Here's a few images from our session today.  Yes it rained.  Yes we got wet.  Yes it was one of the most fun sessions I've done in a long time!