That's us!  That's right, we got shot :)  Last Sunday, our little family got in the car and drove up to the GORGEOUS Inn at Bay Harbor for a women's photography retreat.  Why would I attend a women's photography retreat, you might be thinking?  Because my wife is a supermodel :)  It's true.  For the Monday morning session, they needed a pregnant model for a maternity workshop, and since Beth is 37 weeks pregnant, she volunteered.

If you know my wife, you know that being in front of a camera isn't something she gets excited about.  Beth can be a little.... well, shy.  You'd never know it though, because she's beautiful and did a great job.  

We're super thankful for the wonderful images we got, taken by the talented Karen Goforth of North Carolina. Here's a sample.  Maddie looks like she's about 5!


Now, here's the fun part!  If you're any good at math, you may have gathered that 37 weeks pregnant means we're having a baby anytime in the next few weeks.  So, we thought we'd run a little contest.  We've picked a name for our new baby GIRL, but we're not telling.  That means you get to guess.  Leave a comment below with your guess, and the first person to get the name right wins a $5 Starbucks card mailed to them!

Remember - it's a GIRL!


Fine print: you can leave a comment at any time, and may enter as many times as you like.  Only the first person who guesses the correct name will win.  Contest ends when we head to the hospital :)  If no one guesses correctly, we'll randomly select someone for being a good sport and playing :)  Winner will be announced on the blog... you know, after the baby is born...