I can't even imagine.  I can't even imagine what our life together will be like.  I can't even imagine how you'll grow and change.  I can't even imagine what kind of amazing woman you'll someday become.

Your mom and I are so thankful that we finally got to meet you today!  We're so thankful that you're healthy and beautiful.  We're thankful that you have made the perfect addition to our family.

You had a lot of visitors today.  You had a lot of people who stopped by - people who love you so much.  It's been quite a day for you :)

Your mom and I had a plan for how you were going to be born.  We waited, and waited, and you were just taking your time.  So now, 5 days past your due date, we thought we'd just help you along a bit.  You were supposed to be born at 11:00AM sharp.  You were supposed to be a caesarian.  You apparently had other plans.  I have a feeling that may become a habit ;)

So, you came the old fashioned way.  All 8lbs, 21" of you.  And now you're here. 


(warning, slightly graphic image below)



This was when your big sister got to meet you for the first time.  She loves you very much!



And this is when she realized that you'd be coming home with us in a day or so!