A lot happened today.  Today was the day we first met you, and I don't even know where to begin.  Today was the day we've been thinking about for 9 months.  270 days, give or take a few. There were a lot of days before today that we prayed for you.  There were days that we were scared, and days we were anxious.  For a lot of those days we were even worried the doctors would tell us there was something wrong with you.  Not today.  Today you were perfect.  Today you were beautiful.  Today you were born.

Starting today, I've got a lot of things to teach you - things like: how to throw a ball, how to fish, how to build things, and how to blow them up :)  Alright, if I'm really honest, I don't know how to fish, and your mother will probably be teaching you how to throw a ball.  Madison's pretty good at building things, and Macy's really good at blowing them up.  Even still, you and I have a lot to learn together.  You see, you and I are father and son, and though you also have a mom and two big sisters who love the heck out of you - you're my little guy, and I'm your dad. 

Right now, you're just a baby, but soon you'll be a little boy.  You'll be a boy, and we'll do boy things, because before long you'll be a man.  You'll be a man, and you'll need to know how to do "man" things.  And though I won't always do it right, starting today, it's my job to help you grow up and become the man God made you to be.  

Your mother and I are thrilled that you've joined our family, and we can't wait to spend every day with you.  Your big sisters adore you - though I'm not convinced they realize you're coming home with us yet.  Madison walked around all day carrying a baby Max doll that GraGra (grandma) got her - showing everyone how to carry you.  She reminded us all to "support your head, and "keep our hands together."  Macy smiled so big when she saw you that I thought her grin might swallow her whole face.  That's how much they love you, it's how much we all love you.  We love you that much, and we've only known you for about 15 hours!

Today was a big day for all of us, and we're so glad that today was the day we got to meet you!


Maxwell (Max) Robert Aten

10/15/11 8:46AM

9lbs. 1oz. 20.75" long