We're sitting down with Maddie tonight watching "The Polar Express," and it seemed like a perfect night for a little homemade hot chocolate - not to be confused with that powdery stuff they call "cocoa."

If you've never had hot chocolate made the real way, you should try it sometime.


You'll need some dark chocolate shavings.  Williams and Sonoma sell them, and I really like these from Crate and Barrel


Poor a little milk into a saucepan.  Add three tablespoons of chocolate for every 8oz serving you want to make, and warm over med-low heat.  

Once the chocolate has melted into the milk, add the rest of your milk (8oz per serving) into the sauce pan and let warm until you reach your desired temperature.  On our stove, I set the burner to 4, and it takes about 10 minutes.

That's really it!  Now, simply pour your hot chocolate into your mugs (it really does help if you have cool Snowmen mugs like these!), and top with whip cream.  We like to add either chocolate chips or crushed candy cane as a garnish.  Keep in mind that your hot chocolate might be very, well, HOT!


Enjoy :)