You probably already know this.  If you're a parent, or if you have parents, or if you know anyone who either is - or has parents, you already know.  Time goes by really fast.  Our two girls are growing up so quickly, it makes me crazy!  Every single day something changes.  

Every single day I try really hard to remember - because every day our girls are completely new little people.  I love that Macy loves to play.  I love how this 10 month old says "Daddy" and loves it when I tickle her.  I love how Maddie is smarter than either Beth or me, and loves puzzles so much that she now does them upside down.  


Beth tells me I need to take more photos of the girls, so this post is really for her :)  Truth is, we take hundreds, and thousands of photos of the girls - without ever picking up a nice camera.  I just downloaded these photos from my iphone, and 3,450 photos later, I think it's safe to say that we'll be looking at photos of these girls for a while!