Four Chambers of the Heart

First, thank you.  For those of who have listened, who have prayed, and who have shared this time with us - thank you.  At each step along this journey, it has helped us to know that people who love us have been walking along side us.  

I remember distinctly sitting in our OB office, and our Doctor telling us that we were being referred to a specialist because they don't have much experience with complications like this.  "What kind of complications?" I remember thinking.  "The kind that are incompatible with life."

Since that moment, it's been hard to comprehend what might be happening.  It's been hard to imagine how our lives were going to be different - even with a healthy baby.  I definitely had no idea what life would look like with a sick baby, or one that didn't make it.

So, we've spent a lot of time over the last few months with Doctors.  We've had tests, and ultrasounds, and tests, and doctors appointments.  We've prayed and cried together, and hoped for the very best.  

Last week, we found out the results of the Amnio - and they were normal.  I still breathe a sigh of relief when I think about it.  The results were normal.  They found no chromosomal abnormalities.  There was still one more major test they wanted to do - which was an extensive ultrasound - but the amnio was normal.

This morning, we had that final test - where they closely examine the baby's parts to look for other defects.  Especially important are things like making sure the kidneys and heart appear normal.  My own heart skipped a beat when the Doctor - while looking at this fluttering image on the screen - said, "there's the four chambers of the heart, perfectly normal."  Just then, Beth squeezed my hand a little more tightly.  

A few minutes later, and it was over.  After looking at all the parts of the baby, including those beautiful four chambers of the heart - Dr. Roth said to us "I've tried really hard, but I just can't find anything wrong with your baby.  It looks to me like a perfectly normal, healthy baby."  

There's no question that our baby won't be perfectly normal.  In this family?  Not a chance.  But I'll take those 4 healthy chambers of the heart any day...