happy and healthy

Three little words that every parent covets.  Three little words that mean more than anything when you're expecting a baby.  These three little words are the deepest prayer of my heart right now.  When you're waiting for a baby, nothing else matters.  Sure, we look forward to the first crawl.  We look forward to first words, and first steps, and the first day of school.  That's what being a parent is about, but none of it matters more than happy and healthy.

Today, Beth and I are headed to the perinatologist for an amniocentesis.  It's hard to really wrap my brain around something so simple, and yet so complex.  The reality is that an amniocentesis takes about 45 seconds.  It's routine.  It's a simple procedure with a needle and some fluid.  And yet, it's a miracle of the complex - that a simple needle can reach down into our little baby's world and tell us so much.  

We won't know anything today.  Today is the simple part.  The complicated part comes later.  The complicated part is waiting for the little cells to grow, and give us a picture of our little baby.  The complicated part is waiting the 10 days for answers.  The complicated part is uncovering what might be going on inside.  The complicated part is understanding that the God who loves us more than anything, created this little baby for us.  And he created in us this love and desire as parents, for everything to be ok.

So we keep praying.  We keep hoping and praying for this little person inside Beth.  We keep imagining and dreaming of first steps, and first birthdays, and first cuddles and first cries.  We hope and pray for all of those things, but most of all... right now, we pray for happy and healthy.