There was a time before we had kids that I thought I knew what it would be like. There was a time before, when I thought I understood how our life would be different, and how much we would be blessed.

In reality, I had no idea. There was simply no way to comprehend the richness of life that comes from what can only be described as an incredible journey with these amazing little people.


There was simply no way to put words to the experience of two little girls running through the house to be the first one to say "hi daddy," when I come home. And to tell you that they "say it" is such an inadequate way to describe what is really a celebration/dance party/cheer line. It isn't even an exaggeration to tell you that it's the very best part of my day.

Before, I had no idea what it would be like to raise two little girls and watch them become people. I had no idea that my heart could possibly contain this much love. I had no idea that I could experience so much adoration for these girls. I thought I knew, but "before," I truly had no concept of this life.

Every single day I am amazed by who they are becoming. I'm amazed that two little people can create so much energy, and joy, and excitment. I'm amazed that even in the disasters they create, I am reminded that I've been so generously blessed to care for them as they become women. I've been trusted to raise them up and help them take their first steps, and their next steps, and their giant leaps.

What's even more astonishing to me is that right now, I'm living in the "before." In a few weeks, Baby #3 will be here, and everything I think I know about life, will - once again - become a part of the "before." In a few short weeks, the beauty that is this life we live, will be transformed again.

I can't wait :)