Madison started playing soccer this fall.  We were always a soccer family growing up, so this is especially fun for me.  When I was in middle school, we even hosted an exchange student from Honduras, that had made the national soccer team there.  Needless to say, our High School team had a pretty good run that year.  My brothers and I all played (they all better than I) in High School, and even my dad played - on what we affectionately called "the geezer league." 

Now Madison has started playing.  Soccer is a little different at 4 years old, than I remember.  It's a little less about soccer, actually.  In fact, the thing I like the most about Saturday mornings this fall is that as Madison is running around with her new friends, there are a half-dozen or so of her family - and biggest fans - on the sideline each week.  Yes, my daughter has her own cheering section - and she knows it :) We're apparently still a soccer family.

This week I took my camera and captured some of the fun.  Enjoy!