I've said it before, and I believe it's true: fall in Michigan is one of the most beautiful place on earth.  If you didn't grow up in the midwest, you can't quite understand what it's like to experience the breath-taking transformation of color that happens in September and October.

Of course, all of those beautiful leaves changing color, always end up in the same place - in your yard.  Tonight, Maddie and I went out and raked the leaves.  Quick thought - we have a lot of leaves.  Most people rake up their leaves, and then either bag them up in giant trash bags - or burn them (which is one of the most unfortunate smells - blah).

Tonight, I was reminded that there's another reason to rake leaves - two actually. I was reminded that raking leaves into a pile makes the perfect landing spot for a 4 year old flying little girl.  It's also the perfect place to make "Leaf-Angels" (like snow-angels - but with, you know, leaves).