Right now, I'm traveling from New York City to Chartotte, NC to photograph wedding #2 this year. I've been in the city for 2 days, sharing with photographer, and there are few things I love more. And yet, as I'm surrounded by few million people, I can't help but think about the four people who have my heart. In particular, I can't stop thinking about this little guy - Max. In just 2 days, he'll be six months old.

Are you kidding me? Six months old? How on earth did that happen. How on earth did my son suddenly go from a newborn to a six month old little man. At the same time, how on earth did we ever live our lives without the fullness that comes from his never-ending smile. How on earth did we ever imagine our future without this little guy traveling this adventure with us.

Since he's joined us, we've moved into a new house, moved our studio to our home, started a ton of projects, finished a few, and raced through one of the fastest paced stretches of our life. He's been along for the ride, and is truly the most chill kid I've ever met. His mother and sisters adore him, and I'm having the most fun of my life with him and Maddie and Macy.

I can't wait to be home again after 5 days on the road - but at least as I think about our life - my heart is full.