This has been a really special summer for me.  It's true that I love what I get to do, and it's true that I love all of the clients I work with.  But this summer has been pretty special for me, as I've had the privilege of photographing several weddings for couples that are more than just clients.  This summer I've photographed a handful of weddings for couples that I consider friends.  Justin and Dana are my friends, and I'm so excited for them.  I've known Justin since he was a freshman in High School.  He, and his group of buddies, were a part of the youth ministry I helped lead, and they were probably the most entertaining group of guys I've ever met. 
I've also watched Justin grow into more than just a high school guy.  I've watched him as he and Dana grew to love each other, as he became an integral part of the worship team at our church (he's a killer drummer), and as he's followed God's call on his own life.  Though I haven't known Dana for as along, or as well, watching these two plan their wedding, and share their dreams of a life together, I've grown more and more excited for their wedding day. 
Yesterday, Justin and Dana got married at the Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake in Shelbyville, MI.  I could hardly wait to share a few of my favorites!  To see their full gallery when it's released, simply click here.