Today is Labor Day.  I know that Labor Day celebrates something about the contributions of the American worker, or something like that.  It was started by the Labor movement, and has it's history rooted in the struggle of the worker.  Around here, though, none of that matters.  Around here, it's a day of rest.  

The Summer is, by far, the busiest stretch of the run for us.  We run really hard throughout the summer, and it drains us.  It can stretch us thin, and put a strain on our life.  I think this is true for anyone, our family is really no different.  

Like anyone with kids, I wake up some mornings and wonder how on earth these little people keep getting less and less little.  I wake up wondering how on earth our time with them keeps racing by.  I wake up wondering how I'm ever going to remember every moment of their life.   Then I realize that unless we're intentional about slowing down, life will never stop racing past.

This week we slowed down.  We spent the last 10 days in a house on a Lake in northern Michigan.  We had no agenda, no schedule, no plans.  Just family time.  It was exactly what we needed to slow down and live - instead of just watching life go by.  Here's a few iPhone shots of our week.


From the 14th Tee at Black Lake:


Madison learning to fly a kite:


M-119 along the coast AKA "The Tunnel Of Trees."



I am blessed.