"Is it warm or cold out?"  That's the very first question Macy asks every morning.  For as long as I can remember her talking, she's asked us whether it's warm or cold outside.  Because if it's warm, the next question is "can I wear a dress today?"  

I remember a few months ago, this very conversation happening when my response was "how about if you wear pants today...?"  to which, her response was "how about you go wait downstairs while I get dressed."  

Of course, if you get to know Macy, you'll know that it's not just any dress, but a princess dress.  And even if you tell her that "today isn't a dress day," eventually - whether it's because she sneaks down to the dress-up clothes, or changes outfits when she's supposed to be taking quiet time - she ends up in a princess dress.

So, when we asked her what kind of a 3rd birthday party she wanted, no one was surprised when she said she wanted a princess party.  

We love you Macy, and are so blessed to have had you in our life the last 3 years!  You are becoming such a beautiful little lady - both inside and out - and we can't wait to share in the next adventures of your life!