In a few days, some of my friends - and a few family members, will be traveling to one of my favorite places. Beth and I have been so fortunate over the past 4 years to have the chance to travel to the Dominican Republic as a part of a team that has invested in building up a church that is making a huge impact in it's community. In addition to being a school, a church, a clinic and a community center - it's also one of the only sources of purified (clean) water for the community.

Although we aren't traveling this year - as I mentioned - several members of our family and some dear friends are once again making the trip. They will be in our prayers. I've posted a few images from past trips so that you can get just a little feel of this incredible community that is truly one of my favorite places.

On a personal note (as if this wasn't a personal post already), this is largely why I consider myself a documentary photographer (or photojournalist). This is where I started in photography - capturing the people and places on many, many trips like this. In fact, this is only the 3rd year out of the last 13 years that I haven't been on a trip (24 in total).

The words read "for sale."

Here's a group photo from last year. Many of them will return this Friday. Say a little prayer for them if you would!