Yesterday. I was in Minneapolis to teach a workshop in the morning for Apple.  My plan was to fly in early, and then fly home last night.  Now that I'm a dad, I find that I'm in much more of a hurry to come back home when I travel - I'd rather be with my family!  Well, since the only flight direct back to Lansing doesn't leave until 8:30PM, I had some time.

Knowing this, I scheduled a session with a local jazz-folk band, Bella Ruse , that is in the process of recording their debut album.  Bella Ruse is Kay and Joseph, and they were so much fun to hang out with and photograph.  I've known Kay since she was in High School, and it's way fun for me to see her success as she becomes a star!

Here's a few of my favorite images from our afternoon!
Michigan Wedding Photographer


This afternoon, the weather stopped storming just long enough for some beautiful late day sunshine, and some beautiful light.  I headed out to MSU with Alex and Sarah for an engagement session - and we had so much fun.  Both Alex and Sarah are down to earth and a blast to hang out with.   They made photographing them incredibly easy - they simply had a great time and it shines through in their laughter and smiles.

You can always tell when a couple is totally in to each other :)  We captured some great images - check out a few of them!

Michigan Wedding Photographer


I adore this couple.  They have such an amazing spirit about them, and their absolute appreciation for culture and art is a photographer's dream come true!  I shot their engagement session yesterday morning at their home (which is gorgeous by the way!), and we had such an incredible time.  Because we shot at their home, and they are both well-known professors at MSU, I'm not going to do a full post.  I am going to give you these two sneak peak images though.

I can't wait for their amazing wedding May 30!

Congrats :)