I had a chance to meet a super fun planner a few weeks ago when we both attended Engage09Encore  in Las Vegas, NV.  Lindsey is super talented, and if you're looking for an event designer - you should get to know her! 


How did you get started as an event and wedding planner?

I went to school for hospitality management always knowing that I wanted to work with events in some capacity.  I guess I was assuming I’d be working in a hotel or at a convention center.  I sort of fell into weddings!  I applied for an internship with a local wedding planner 6 years ago and decided after the first event this is what I wanted to be doing! 

Tell us about Lindsey Nartker Design. (Who you are, what you do, why you do it)

Lindsey Nartker Designs is a full-service wedding boutique.  We work with couples all across the United States planning weddings and events.  We are a team of 3 coordinators and work from our studio in downtown Birmingham (Michigan). We do what we do because we all love a great party!  We appreciate and understand the time and energy that goes into planning a fun and unique event and love showing couples how to make their ideas come to life!

What's your favorite thing about helping people plan their perfect wedding?

My favorite thing about helping couples plan their wedding is really seeing their faces when it all comes together.  So many brides have ideas of what they want but don’t know how to make it all happen (within their budget).  I love being able to show them that with persistence, patience, and a little creativity we can make anything happen!

On average, how many weddings do you do a year? 

We limited the number of wedding we manage to 15 per year.  This allows us to provide personalized service to each couple truly create unique events.  

If someone wanted to book you for their wedding, what are the important things they should know (timeline/process/etc)?

There are so many important things you should know!  I guess if I had to pick out just a few, the most important thing would be to wait on making purchases until you have a plan!  It’s really easy to get excited when you first start planning – my recommendation is to budget for everything and make sure what you’re purchasing is really worthwhile (this goes for large ticket items as well as the $10 or $15 items you have to have!)  My other piece of advice is to let me help you with your budget!  As a coordinator, I’m experienced in defining wedding budgets.  By allowing me to help, I can show you places you can cut back without a single person knowing, places where you should splurge, and ways to make your budget go farther than you thought possible! 

What do you recommend for brides who just aren't sure where to start with planning a wedding?

The first place to start is meeting with a wedding coordinator.  Most companies offer a complimentary consultation.  This is a great way to decide if working with a coordinator is the right fit for your wedding.  Whether you decide to move forward with a coordinator or not, the next steps should always be developing your budget and thinking about your overall guest count.


What makes LND different from other event designers?

What makes us different…  well, the first thing that comes to mind is the way we do business.  We’re a very casual group of ladies.  We love what we do and are always committed to our clients, but we do it in a very relaxed environment.  Our clients are more to us than simply clients – they become our friends.  We get to experience a journey with them that is unlike anything and we are forever grateful for the opportunity.   

On a personal note, what are some of your favorite things?

My favorite things….  Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (my absolute favorite thing!!), beautiful stationery, reading a great book, being near the water (ocean, lake, pool… anything!), and of course, spending time with my husband!

What is something you would want a future client to know about you?

I really, truly love what I do!  It’s a little crazy sometimes, but I really do enjoy the high energy, fast-paced, stressful job we call wedding coordinating! 


Photos provided courtesy of Lindsey Nartker Design [© Aruna B. Photography  ©West Park Photography]