Bridge Street Studio



One week from today is the beginning of something brand new.  One week from today, we open the door on a studio and gallery in the heart of downtown Grand Ledge.  One week from today, we open the doors at the Bridge Street Studio & Gallery.  

To say that this has been a labor of love is a dramatic understatement!  For the past month, Beth and I (and even Maddie) have spent countless hours preparing this place to be something unique and special in our area.  

For a long time, our wedding photography business has been based at our home.  This has been a huge blessing for us - especially since Maddie became a part of our life.  It has allowed me to be a work-from-home dad, spending a ton of time watching Maddie grow up.  It has also allowed us freedom - not having to worry about another place to take care off and keep up.



Over the last few months, however, Beth and I have really felt a strong passion to give our business a home in our community.  Even though a good part of my weddings take place outside of our community - we believe strongly that there is a place, right here where we call home, to establish a different kind of studio.

The process has taken us a lot of time, and a lot of hard work!  We searched for the perfect place - and we had given up hope of ever finding what we wanted.  We knew we wanted to be close to where we live, where our families are, and we knew we wanted to be in a place that people would  want to come.

In May, we quit looking.  We had worked hard to secure a location that fell through, and it had exhausted us both.  We decided that we weren't willing to compromise - this was too big a decision, too important a step for our business, to sacrifice the non-negotiables. 


Then, one evening we took a drive through the downtown area of our town - Grand Ledge.  We weren't looking for anything in particular, but when we drove past the studio for the first time - we knew we had found it.  We found the place that felt like we belonged.

So here we are.  What's different about this studio you ask?  First, most studios are based around a camera room.  A place where lighting and posing reign supreme.  A camera room is great - we even have a small little one.  But this studio isn't about a camera room.  It's not even about a place to shoot - although we'll do plenty of that here.

This studio is about a place for us to give our clients an amazing experience - from start to finish.  With space to meet, space to work, space to shoot, and space to create - this space allows us to take care of our clients the way we believe they deserve.  It gives us a chance to create an experience for our clients.

Our shooting style is documentary in nature, and our lifestyle portraits maintain that focus.  This means we capture our sessions in a manner very similar to the way we capture weddings and other documentary work.  It gives us a chance to create images that are highly personal, modern, and intimate.  

So, I'll keep shooting weddings, and I'll keep updating the blog with all the amazing wedding clients we get to work with.  Bridge Street Studio will be our home for Lifestyle Portraits, as well as our associate weddings.


Thanks for stopping by - we're so glad you did.  We're still putting a few finishing touches on the place (you'll notice that the giant canvases haven't arrived yet!), but we'd love to meet you when we open our doors next Saturday.  There's a great Art Festival happening at the Island Park - a great reason to come visit.  

We'll have a big open house bash in a few weeks - and we'll keep you posted on the details!  We hope to hear from you soon!