One year.  It's been one year since you joined our family.  It's been one year since you arrived in our world.  It's been one year since we met you for the very first time. It's been one year since you completely stole our hearts.

In one year, you've become quite the little lady.  You've learned to roll over, learned to sit up, learned to crawl, and to walk.  You've fallen in love with your big sister, your mommy and your daddy.  You want to do everything we do, and go everywhere we go.  You've grown into a carefree, fun, playful personality that I absolutely love to be around.  You make us laugh and smile, until our faces hurt.  

Your mother and I can't imagine life without you.  We can't imagine not knowing you.  We can't imagine not loving you, and we can't imagine not watching you become such a wonderful little lady.  We are so thankful for this last year, and can't wait to see what you do next :)


Happy first birthday Macy!


"I got a call from the nurse." 

Beth's voice, on the other end of the phone - about an hour ago - was shaking.  As I was loading the girls into the car, I tried to make sense of what she was telling me.  "You got a call from the nurse?" I asked.

"I got a call from the nurse." Beth said.

As she said it, suddenly I'm remembering back to our last visit to the doctor - when we had the amniocentesis test.  "If it's bad news, I call you," said Dr. Roth.  "If it's good news, the nurse will call you as soon as we have the results."

We got a call from the nurse...

Suddenly, I could finally hear the voice of our little baby whispering "I'm okay in here."  There, standing in the parking lot, loading my two daughters into our car - talking to Beth by phone - both of our voices started to shake.  

"I'm okay in here." 

The amniocentesis results show no abnormal chromosomal conditions (downs syndrome, edwards syndrome, or turners syndrome).  The reality is, we're not completely out of the woods.  Next week, we'll have what's called an "extensive ultrasound," where they will look more closely at the baby's parts - especially the heart.  There's still a chance for congenital heart defects .  

There could still be a few other possible complications, and we still appreciate your prayers and support.  This was the result we'd been waiting for, for almost 2 months.  This was the little voice I'd been waiting for - the little voice I heard this afternoon.


"I'm okay in here."

Madison: So Hard To Believe

It's so hard to believe she's almost a year.  It's hard to imagine life without her, and yet she's been a part of ours for such a short time.  I'm so excited that we have so much more life ahead of us!

Here's a few images of what's happening in her (our world) lately!

Beth and I took her parents out to dinner for Father's day, and afterwards Maddie had her very first Ice Cream Cone with her Nana


She continues to get cuter and cuter as she grows.  It's amazing to both of us to watch her become a little girl.  It's happening WAY too fast, but we're cherishing it while we can!

As I mentioned, she's turning one soon (in about 2.5 weeks actually!), so she decided to help her mom put together a few things for the party!