Lifestyle portrait sessions include 90 minutes of location photography, and a $300 print credit.

We don't charge for outfit changes, multiple locations, or any of the other things studios frequently charge for.

I can really bring as many outfits as I want? 

Absolutely, you can bring as many outfits as you want.  Of course, most of our clients find that 2 to 4 outfits is perfect for individuals, or 2 outfits for families.

What does that $400 include? 

The $400 session fee covers your on-location 90 minute session.  In addition, your session fee includes a $300 print credit, that you'll use to order signature prints, gift prints, canvas gallery wraps or our gallery books.

How do we order prints, wallets, etc? 

We'll invite you over to the studio roughly 10-14 days after your portrait session for what we call a "viewing session." This is where we'll go through all of your images, and you'll have a chance to order any of the wall prints, gift prints, books and other products we offer. 

How much should we expect to spend on prints? 

Of course, the answer to this question totally depends on your needs, and how you'd like to enjoy your images.  Most of our clients end up with a collection of images, including wall art for their home, gift prints for the people important to them, wallets for friends, and a book of images.  For complete product and pricing information, click here.

What about a disc of images? 

While we do offer the option of a disc of images, most of our clients find that our professional print products are a perfect fit for their home, and that they enjoy the convenience of having us provide them with a tangible way to enjoy their images, instead of simply handing over a disc of files.



16x20  //   425

20x30  //  695

24x36  //   850

30x40   //  1100


16x20   //   425

20x30   //   600

24x36   //   775

30x40   //   950

GIFT PRINTS [mounted]

5x7   //   25

8x10   //   55

11x14   //   95

8 wallets   //   30

boxed proof set [4x6] 550

high res image disc 700



9” 12”

10 image             850           1150

20 image             1200         1600


20 image             250

30 image 475


Pack of 25             75

Pack of 100 275